Harlequin Station is a XQ1-class space station and trading post located in the Garis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The space station has three large docking areas — or wings — around a central superstructure, plus two other struts. It is similar in design to a star base that operated earlier on, during the Clone Wars. Its billboards, advertisements, map displays, and arrival/departure information screens utilizes the language of Aurebesh, High Galactic alphabet, and another written script.


Central Hall, including Levels A through D, includes a large video screen that displays advertising and information about the spaceport and its travel agencies. It also displays Imperial recruiting messages and lists some of the Empire’s most wanted criminals.

Levels A-D:

Level A: The overall area of the baggage claim includes entryways to the North and South Wings, a lift-tube access point, an overflow claim, and stops from the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim.

Level B: The Droid Claim, containing a PA Droid Scanning area, a sales market for restraining bolts, a booth for removing restraining bolts, a droid assembly area, a droid repair area, a droid registration area, and a collection area.

Level C: Including the Duty Free area, souvenir shops for Outer Rim-related merchandise, several holorecorders, some RWH Droid Surplus stores, some bacta surplus stores, and power converters. On the same level is the droid customs, which contains a certification station, a memory-wipe station, a memory backup station, Inspection Scan #1, and a droid registry for certification area.

Level D: Containing the baby center and clinic; there are incubation pods for infants, a doctor’s station, a section for aquatic newborns, a section for personal assistance droids, a section for medical/surgical droids, and bacta tanks.

North Wing, housing the Bespin Direct and Dantooine Express terminals

South Wing, housing the Air Alderaan, Tatooine Transit and Naboo Spacelines terminals

X Wing, housing a “Star Tours” travel agency terminal. The main terminal area through which passengers pass to board flights includes a large viewscreen displaying flight information and advertisements, and has room to house and repair a StarSpeeder 1000. The flight information is also color-coded to indicate the destination of the flight: Arrivals at the station are colored red, and departures are colored in blue. Ramps from the terminal lead to security and boarding areas, all of which commonly have droids and other equipment stored in plain view of passengers. The station also includes the Lightspeed Lounge and an observation deck.Signage in the station is usually displayed in both Aurebesh and High Galactic. Prior to each departure, a public service announcement is frequently given by the WA-7 service droid Aly San San, with the designated StarSpeeder 1000 being brought up via cargo elevator to the departure area. The boarding gates also came in numeric and letter variants, the latter going from A to D.

Level 1: Baggage Claim / Transport
Level 2: Ticketing
Level 3: Security
Level 4: Boarding Gates
Level 5: Lightspeed Lounge
Level 6: Observation Deck

Other section: This section, located west from the X Wing, and immediately next to the west side of the north wing, contained levels A, B, C, F, and G. These sections contain the Outer Rim Restaurant and Lounge, the air to ground transportation section, the Muunilist Credit Exchange for exchanging currency with various planets, the Stargazer Grill Restaurant, and the Nebula Trillion Parsec Club for spacers. The air to ground transportation section required public transportation to get to the surface, and makes use of SSP freighters, line-operated shuttles, independent star cruisers, personal shuttles, and CEC-class transports. The currency that can be exchanged at the Muunilist Credit Exchange includes Republic credits, Imperial credits, Adumari credcoins, Aurodium coins, Corellian credits, and Credit Vouchers.


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